Alex Johnston, Director Of Communications

Alex Johnston is a communications strategist with extensive international experience across a range of sectors including CPG, retail and technology. Alongside his consulting work, Mr Johnston is a serial entrepreneur, overseeing a portfolio of digital businesses in the mobile game and social messaging sectors.

Mr Johnston serves on the main Board of Directors of Singer Asia and, until recently,was a Board Director of ‘Pitch at Palace’ - the global innovation initiative launched by the British Royal Family; and as a Board Director of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s ‘Web Foundation’, which actively campaigns for digital equality worldwide.

He is an active advisor for Velocity Capital Partners - a UK-based investment fund; and Outernet Global - a ground-breaking music and entertainment development in central London.

Previously, Mr Johnston has held a variety of senior executive positions including Executive Vice-President, Omnicom Inc and VP Communications for Pepsico.

From 2004 to 2008, Alex co-founded Fleming Media – a family office investment fund dedicated to the acquisition of media rights.

Alex began his career as a founding partner of Freud Communications (now ‘Freuds’), where he was Creative Director for 20 years.