Our approach to protecting wildlife is different, and so is the way we measure impact.

Attention Tracker

Nature ontheir radar

What in the world are they googling? From single species to the latest ideas, our pioneering Attention Tracker makes it easy to keep tabs on the environmental topics people are the most — and least — interested in.

Male purple frog riding female purple frog in nest surrounded by eggs


The Purple Frog / Kerala State, India

Until mid-2019, interest in this unusual purple frog within its home state, Kerala, was low. The steady rise since suggests that public campaigns are helping to boost awareness.


Sustainability/ Global

Sustainability has been piquing curiosity for the past decade, but in the last three years alone, it’s gone up by 50%! Which just shows how the idea is seen as more relevant in our everyday lives.

A forest being cleared by deforestation


Deforestation/ Globally

Like the purple frog, deforestation has got a lot more interest since 2019. Media coverage of devastating wildfires in the US and Australia has probably helped. So has increased press attention and campaigns about deforestation in the Amazon, and many other places.

Attention tracker

Our Partners

Teams at Israel’s Ben Gurion University and Google helped us build the prototype of the Attention Tracker, and we’re continuing to develop its capabilities.

In the pipeline…

Work’s already underway to expand the capabilities of our On the Edge Attention Tracker. Version 2.0 — the Sentiment Tracker — won’t just help you discover what environmental topics are most searched for online, but how people feel about them. 

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Our experts contribute to EDGE science

We identify EDGE species and help prioritize them. Develop performance indicators to monitor how well we’re conserving them. We’ve ranked 25 EDGE Zones around the world that are vital for saving overlooked species.

A map showing EDGE zones. Zones where Evolutionary Distinct Globally Endangered species live.