IUCN Species Survival Commission EDGE grants

This grant project will support the improvement of conservation knowledge for evolutionarily distinct species and lineages, in partnership with the SSC Chair’s Office of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The aim of the SSC EDGE internal grants are to contribute to halting the loss of evolutionarily distinct lineages, in alignment with the World Conservation Congress Resolution (WCC-2012-Res-019-EN), through improving assessment and planning for overlooked and evolutionarily distinct species. The internal grants will fund groups that include range state conservation scientists and practitioners and do one or more of the following:

  • Assess highly evolutionarily distinct species that do not yet have a Red Listing.

  • Assess EDGE species with out of date Red Listings.

  • Develop conservation action plans for EDGE species where these do not exist or are in need of updating.

The full list of winners for the 2020–21 grant round is:

  • SSC Palm Specialist Group

  • SSC Cetacean Specialist Group

  • SSC Australasian Marsupial and Monotreme Species Specialist Group

  • SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group

  • SSC Indonesian Plant Red List Authority

  • SSC Tortoise & Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

See more information on the first round.

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