Chap. ii - What we do


EDGE species represent the most diverse, unique and threatened lineages on the planet. Despite their fascinating features and behaviours, and their need for protection, they are often unknown to the general public and receive limited conservation attention. There are many challenges facing the protection of these animals, but the main threats are habitat loss, invasive species, illegal trade, pollution, climate change and over-consumption of natural resources.

Our goal is to change the outlook for these extraordinary creatures through a combination of conservation, science and storytelling.

Programme supportGiant Anteater
Giant Anteater

Changing the outlook

Our support for organisations working on the ground with EDGE species aims to increase conservation attention, reduce threats and improve co-existence with local communities. We’ll not only provide financial support for valuable initiatives, but will also bolster the capacity of in-country conservationists and local organisations as leaders in the fight to save their wildlife and wild places.

Programme support
Scientific supportGreen Sawfish
Green Sawfish

Supporting strong scientific foundations

We’re committed to ensuring that solid science underpins the conservation of EDGE species. In keeping with this commitment, we host the IUCN Species Survival Commission Phylogenetic Diversity Task Force, are active in conferences and academic debate, and support locally-led scientific participation.

Scientific support
Storytelling supportAye-Aye © Nick Garbutt
Aye-Aye © Nick Garbutt


Changing the narrative

Through innovative storytelling, we aim to generate curiosity and excitement around weird and wonderful EDGE species, contributing to the welcome and necessary rise in mankind’s appreciation of the natural world. Our initiatives include an animated TV show, mobile gaming apps, and educational activities for children and families, as well as live comedy shows for adults and media campaigns for the general public.

Storytelling support
Contact usMalayan Tapir
Malayan Tapir

Work with us:

Partnerships & collaborations

We want more people to care about EDGE species and overlooked biodiversity, and to take action to conserve them. We want to work with conservationists, NGOs, academics, governments and other interested funders, to change the outlook for EDGE species. We do not accept unsolicited grant applications, but if you are interested in prioritising EDGE species conservation, or already work with any of our featured species, then please get in touch.

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