Children Privacy Policy

Children Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. Hi! We’re On The Edge Productions and we are responsible for the On The Edge game that you are about to play. Thanks very much for your interest in our game and reading our privacy notice!

1.2. First things first: if you are under 13 years old, you need to make sure you have your mum, dad or other guardian’s approval to download and play our game.

1.3. When you download and play our game we may end up with some information about you.  This notice lets you know what information we receive, and what we do with it.

1.4. You have rights to ensure that if you don’t like what we are doing with your personal information, you can tell us to stop. If you want to do this or make any other requests, you should contact us, by emailing us at or writing us to at 152A Walton Street, London, United Kingdom, SW3 2JJ.

1.5. If you are interested in finding out more about your rights, please read paragraph 7 of this notice where we have set out more information about what your rights are.

2. What information about you we might collect and when

There are a few different types of information we might receive of yours, depending on how you play our game and interact with us when playing our game. We might receive:

2.1. your name, email address, home address and telephone number (if you get in contact with us);

2.2. your social media handle (if you follow us, share our pledge, message us or comment on our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc.);

2.3. any other information you provide when you get in contact with us;

2.4. technical information your tablet or phone tells us, like where you are and the device (e.g. an iPad or an iPhone) you are using; and

2.5. information about the way you play our game (and just to let you know that some of this information is provided by cookies (annoyingly not the food but little bits of computer software) that operate in our game). If you want to know more about these cookies, how they work, and the ones we use in our game, we have set this out here.

3. How we use information about you

We use the information listed above either because:

3.1. we have thought about it and we think it is fair on you (and us) to do so; or

3.2. we have asked you (or your parent or guardian on your  behalf) and you (or your parent or guardian on your behalf) have agreed that we can use your information in the specific way we have asked.

We will use your information:

3.3. to respond to you when you want to get in touch with us;

3.4. to allow you to play the game;

3.5. to try and understand who is playing our game and how they are playing it (so we can make it better!);

3.6. to share your information with people we work with (and if you are interested we have set out more information about this just below); and

3.7. to run a safe and lawful business, and share information with those who help us to do this.

4. Who we share your information with

4.1. We have people who help us to allow you to play the game. These people help us to keep the game running and understand how it is being used.

4.2. We are also part of a family of companies and we may share your personal information with these companies in our family.

4.3. If we wanted to sell part of our business to another company, all of the information we have collected about you is likely to be sold along with it.

4.4. We may also need to provide your information to people who help us out generally (like lawyers and accountants), or organisations who regulate what we do.

5. How we look after your information and how long we keep it for

We are always trying to make sure that any of your information that you have given to us is nice and secure by doing all the things that we are meant to by law. As things sometimes do happen though, we can’t guarantee that your information will always be safe and secure.

6. Transfers of your information

If we need to send your personal information to a company outside of the UK or EU then we will only do so if:

6.1. that company is in a country that protects data to the same standard as the UK or EU; or

6.2. we take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that the recipient implements appropriate safeguards (such as some contractual clauses approved by the European Commission).

7. Your rights to the information we hold about you

At any point in time, you have the right to:

7.1.ask us what information we hold about you;

7.2. ask us to correct or delete your information that we hold (although we don’t always have to do this);

7.3. if we have information about you, to ask us to stop doing anything with your information that we have;

7.4. ask for a summary of your information that we have (and you can ask for that to be provided free of charge);

7.5. ask us to stop using your information if you think your information is wrong or is not being used correctly;

7.6. complain about us to the person who protects your privacy rights (in the UK this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (

8. Updating this privacy notice

We may update this privacy notice by posting a new version in the game. If we make a big change to this privacy notice we will try and bring those changes to your attention.