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Imagine if animals could fly?


Nature doesn't have to be serious or sombre! From humorous social series to cool mobile games, we give nature the leading role.

Kakapo Bird, an EDGE Species bird living in New Zealand

Natural History

Protecting the natural world is at the heart of our mission. Want to know more? See our latest conservation projects on the ground

Amani Saaed Poet performing as part of Odes to Nature


We love to partner with people who share our purpose. Together we change the narrative about nature.

Latest story

Animals In Therapy

Our series of comedic digital shorts takes you inside the minds of unusual and often highly endangered species. What’s it like being a pangolin, or a condor or an ocean-dwelling fish in our human-dominated world? Sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, they give their perspectives on life, love and survival.



A wild exploration of our relationship with water and oceans, plus a Galapagos sea lion or two – Surf is our new collaboration with renowned photographer Sebastien J. Zanella. 


Odes to Nature

What if you were asked to put your relationship with nature into words? What would you say? This was our challenge to three spoken word artists, and we got three seriously different responses.