What soundtracks your daily life? Traffic? Watercooler chat? Overthinking? (Honestly, same.) Amongst all the hustle and bustle, the natural world performs for us every day. And it doesn’t miss a beat. It made us think: what happens when you put nature in a band and call it ReRooted?

We took three musicians from their calm city studios, placed them in the English countryside, and introduced them to their newest collaborator: the wilderness. Using a little bit of organic inspiration, the group have put together a natural masterpiece. Settle in for this.


As one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists in the UK, IYAMAH’s smooth soul vocals are the perfect addition to nature’s sounds. Go check for yourself.


Globally known and renowned across Instagram, bringing a crisp, modern take on hip-hop classics, OMA are the sort of slick instrumentalists that can bring some wild, organic samples to life.


Critically-acclaimed rapper, sustainability advocate, and lead MC in our supergroup – Kam-BU champions sound system culture and educates young people about nature through his project Off Grid.



Method acting, relentless snacking, and a seriously sexual side... not your average term at university, but the unseen life of the ladybird. You might be used to them flitting about in your local park, bringing luck and joy to everything they touch – now we’re bringing you into their world.

Can we tune back into nature?

Noticing fewer bird sounds? 1 in 8 species are facing extinction. Invite them into your garden for a sing-song with a feeder, and they’ll repay you with a dawn chorus or two. A flaked maize and peanut granules mix will do the trick!

Wildflower meadows are concert halls for nature’s performers. Sadly we’ve lost 97% since the 1930s, but you can grow your own anywhere, anytime. Grab a native seed mix and go wild – Ox-eye daises are a stone-cold UK classics, while Butterfly weed and Prairie aster have green celebrity status in the US.

7 out of 10 of us in the UK feel like we’re losing touch with the natural world – but it’s closer than we think. Follow our EDGE-Zine to stay close to the wilderness, or even better, set aside 20 minutes today for a walk around the block and listen to the birds.

In the last decade, the UK lost 7% of its trees. Save them by recycling, choosing recycled paper, and, if you can, going digital with your bills and bank statements. Then make the most of their sounds by lying under the canopy, closing your eyes, and enjoying a natural sound bath.

Urban green spaces are havens for the pollinator squad. Bees, butterflies, and hoverflies love spending their days sifting through flower treasure; take some time out today to listen to their symphonies.


Odes to Nature. A spoken word and poetry series celebrating our relationship with the natural world.