Storytellers and scientists

We’re storytellers and scientists working to reconnect people with nature.

On the Edge is a not-for-profit multimedia and conservation organisation telling modern, pop-culture stories about the awe and wonder of Nature to inspire a new audience.

We exist because, as people, we've never been more disconnected and isolated from the natural world than we are now. It is this disconnection that allows us to overlook the destruction of nature. We’re on a mission to emotionally reconnect humanity with it.

For us, an emotional connection means that what we're connected with is seen, acknowledged and respected. We create original content from the perspective of a particular species or Nature as an entity, using accessible genres and formats across social media, long-form film and gaming. 

We pay particularly close attention to EDGE Species. These are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered species in the plant, fungi and animal kingdoms. 

We truly believe that only by falling in love with Nature will we truly appreciate its value and do what it takes to save it.

Team members

Beth Blood

Founder and CEO

Aida Kowalska

Programmes Manager

Dr Alex Bowmer

Director of Natural History

Brera Razzaq

Executive Producer - Games

Clare Scobie

Chief Operating Officer

Houda Etiahi Tounsi

Head of Social Media & Content Mgmt

Karen Vermeulen

Executive Producer

Natalie Smyth

Office Manager

Rob Slade

Director of Digital Content

Ryan Loftus


Sarah Bewick

Copy Editor

Scott Cameron

Graphic Designer

Sebastian Pipins

PhD Candidate

Steve Pearce

Games Project Manager

Tom Makinson

Senior graphic designer

Our trustees

Alex Marshall

David Blood

Lara Mindenhall

Jonathan Baillie

Jules Borkent

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