Kakapo Run

Play Kakakpo Run. Support the survival of the Species

Your mission is to get the Kakapo to safety by navigating across New Zealand to Sanctuary Island. And hungry stoats are just one of the challenges that face you as you jump, dodge and slide through forests, shorelines and cities to reach Sanctuary Island. Along the way, the Kakapo will ask you for your help in their real-world fight for survival. You see, there are only around 200 kakapos left in the whole world. If you play ‘Kakapo Run’, we hope you’ll agree that the world needs more Kakapo, so you can help by tweeting your support. And on behalf of all the Kakapo, Thank You for playing and helping with their survival.


No Adverts, No In App Purchases - Totally free!

  • The unique sounds of real Kakapo, from the unusual mating ‘boom’ to the squarks and calls of kakapo as they are saved!

  • 4 Environments to traverse, inspired by New Zealand's unique and varied landscape. From dense forests to idyllic coastlines, you’ll even run through the city dodging trams and traffic!

  • Predator pursuits Jump, Dodge and Swipe to avoid the stampede, if you are really skilful you can even knock out predators!

  • On coming obstacles from predators to rolling rocks

  • Stay updated with the Environmental news from around the world. Just click one of the blue radio towers on the Region Select globe to found out what’s going on in the world around you.

Support our cause by sharing on twitter #SaveTheKakapo

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