We work with partners in the media industry to create films, TV series, social content and games. Each collaboration spawns a story that brings our audience closer to nature.


Behind the scenes

Explore interviews and articles with some of our collaborators. See what inspired their work with On the Edge and how a partnership progressed from brief to campaign launch.

Amani Saaed BTS Picture from Odes to Nature


We’ve got a lot in common with Huck Magazine. That's why we chose to work with them on our series Odes to Nature. We chatted with TCO’s Lab & Sustainability Director, Chloe Dyson, about our series, the environment, and the creative process of making Odes.

Having a ball with Battenhall

Working closely with social media and PR agency Battenhall, we've unleashed Animals in Therapy season 2 in bigger and better ways. From instagram lenses to music billboards, we've collaborated on a whole library of digital content... we have a feeling they've learnt a few facts about nature along the way.

Passion Planet

On the Edge have partnered with Passion Planet and Director Tim Hope on two seasons of Animals in Therapy. Together we've crafted 16 entertaining episodes and 5 incredibly addictive pop songs.

Surfing in the Galápagos Islands. Photography by Sebastien J. Zanella

Sebastien J. Zanella

Sebastien's approach, and his starkly beautiful, spontaneous aesthetic has won him world famous clients and admirers, among them On the Edge. Read on for his thoughts on his experiences with free surfers Pacha Light and Coral Fujino there, and elsewhere.

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