We support outstanding social media influencers and creators to produce and share content about their unique relationships with nature.

Why are we doing it?

To inspire and encourage people to see nature differently

Edge community | Cohort 02

Equality with Humans

Witty and thought-provoking takes on living differently with Earth’s wilder species, from our second cohort of creators.


David Ian Howe

Ever wondered about the bonds between dogs and humans? You’re not alone. Anthropologist David Howe is an expert in them. The relationships many of us share with “man’s best friend” also come in handy in his work as a science communicator.


Marshmallow Laser Feast

Why limit yourself when you’re inviting your participants to go beyond their senses? Art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast doesn’t! Fusing art, science and technology, MLF uses film, installation, kinetic sculpture, and live performance to create immersive experiences that explore our connection to nature.



Animal lovers and storytellers Phoebe and Joshua have a shared mission: to spread joy and kindness to anyone who views their work. They freely admit that their personalities are reflected in the characters they create, but surely that’s a creators’ prerogative?!


Andrew Kalaweit

Eager to get closer to wild animals, Andrew Kalaweit left the city and followed his father into the Indonesian jungle. Now based on a reserve, the teenager makes conservation-themed films about the remarkable animals he is privileged to encounter there.


How Does Nature Make Us Well?

Inspired by lockdown, our first creators offer funny, engaging and powerful angles on nature and personal wellbeing.


Jam and Germs

When he stumbled across his passion for the microcosmos – and found himself in the process – James was blown away. Since then, his otherworldly YouTube videos, documentaries, films and best-selling book about a world none of us can see without a microscope, have reached millions.


Compost Queen

Meet a compost coach from Sydney, Australia, who helps you to see nature differently. For Kate, the cycle of decay and renewal is magical: worms use leftovers to make ‘black gold’; allowing us to nourish ourselves physically and spiritually.


Boreal Faun

Following tracks of wild animals is So’s way of connecting with nature and the creatures that call it home. This intimate ‘courtship’ allows So – a Greek-American naturalist who’s transgender – to explore questions of identity and find sustenance.


Plant Therapy Advocate

Gardening is integral to Veronica’s story of how she overcame grief. After losing her sister, it was reconnecting to the earth that brought healing and – over time – joy. Now she shares her love of all things green with her online community.


Nick Pumphrey

Often found snapping thunderously beautiful Cornish seascapes, Nick’s connection to the sea is almost mystical. His project involved wild swimming at sunrise with different companions and recording their deeply personal and – sometimes – existential reflections.

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