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Bright Tide and On The Edge create partnership to turn the tide on biodiversity loss

On the Edge is partnering with Bright Tide, a social enterprise working with organisations to address urgent biodiversity challenges around the world. 

By focusing workers’ attention on some of the pressing issues of our time — from social justice to mental health to climate change — companies are proving they have the power to change attitudes and drive collective action. Bright Tide was founded because protecting biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges we all face, and the private sector has an important role to play in creating awareness as well as solutions.

Jungle with Bright Tide Logo

Working with companies like Vodafone, Dell, Yoti, and Kennedys Law, Bright Tide offers: 

  • Hackathons which challenge employees to consider their own experience and industry expertise to drive action about biodiversity 

  • Workshops which include talks from experts and team breakout sessions to present solutions 

  • Training Seminars that educate about biodiversity loss and clarify the immediate risks of losing species and ecosystems. 

  • Advisory to senior management teams about incorporating biodiversity into sustainability, Net Zero, and other ESG plans. 

 Security company Yoti, for example, worked with Bright Tide on a hackathon about tiger crime ( Over 80 technology experts, graduates and software developers met virtually and develop a prototype for a new database management system to track and monitor illegal wildlife incidents, with a particular focus on tiger-related crimes. The Wildlife Trust of India is now helping to develop that prototype further.

Ken Banks, Head of Social Purpose at Yoti, said, "As a company with a strong sense of social purpose, we’re always keen to explore opportunities where digital identity technologies can provide strong social and environmental value to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Tigerthon is a great example of what’s possible. We’re already talking about what else we can do together.”

"Tigerthon is a great example of what’s possible. We’re already talking about what else we can do together.”

Ken Banks, Head of Social Purpose at Yoti

The strategic partnership with On the Edge will allow Bright Tide to expand its programs and, by encouraging a shift in attitudes toward nature, contribute to On the Edge’s mission of reconnecting people with the natural world. 

Harry Wright, a lawyer and social enterprise expert, started Bright Tide in October 2021. 

“Time is rapidly running out for companies to tackle biodiversity loss and address nature-related risks” Harry said. “Our partnership will be hugely important in expanding our work with companies and helping them and their employees turn toward a more sustainable future.”