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We join Bright Tide to battle biodiversity loss

On the Edge is partnering with Bright Tide, a social enterprise that works to address urgent climate and biodiversity challenges. ‘Time is running out for companies to tackle biodiversity loss,’ founder Harry Wright says. ‘We help companies engage with staff and other stakeholders around climate change and biodiversity.’ By focusing their workers’ attention on the pressing issues of our time, these companies are proving they can change attitudes and have an impact.

Jungle with Bright Tide Logo

How does the partnership work?

‘On the Edge provides some of the content we need to deliver our services,’ he says. ‘We use their expertise to educate and inspire our private sector audience around biodiversity.’ In return, Bright Tide brings people together to support what On the Edge does and gives them exposure to the private sector.

What does this mean in practice?

This means providing private sector customers advice on how to incorporate biodiversity and climate change into their sustainability strategies and nature-positive plans. Bright Tide also offers training workshops to teach staff and senior management teams about the risks associated with both, as well as covering a range of other sustainability topics.

In addition, Bright Tide organizes hackathons where professionals come together to generate ideas and create new technology aimed at solving biodiversity challenges.

Western Ghats hackathon

In April 2022, as a result of the partnership, Bright Tide organized a Western Ghats hackathon funded by On the Edge. The Western Ghats is a biodiversity hotspot and the focus of the first On the Edge campaign. The hackathon generated several ideas and creative solutions to improve the situation in the region, and development on one of these has started. 

The elephant tracker app is designed to reduce conflict between the people and wildlife of the Western Ghats who live in each other’s backyard. It does this by alerting users to the presence of elephants, based on their own and the elephants’ real-time locations.  

"We help companies engage with staff and other stakeholders around climate change and biodiversity."

Harry Wright


Ocean Accelerator program

And the strategic partnership with On the Edge allows Bright Tide to continue evolving. It now offers the first-ever Blue Economy Ocean Accelerator Programme aimed at supporting start-up ventures working across the blue ocean economy. The 8-week program connects them with corporates and scientists, offering collaboration and practical support to help them grow and succeed.

By encouraging a shift in attitudes, Bright Tide is bolstering On the Edge’s mission to reconnect people with the natural world.