In the third interview of our Makeup Creators series, queer artist ChrisSoFly reveals why he choose to recreate Lenticular Clouds for On the Edge

When did you start experimenting with makeup?

In 2018. I had a few friends who were really into makeup so I would let them practice on me. Eventually I began practicing soft looks on myself. It wasn't until 2019 that I started experimenting with vibrant eyeshadows and abstract eyeliner looks. 

How long do your more intricate looks take to create? About 2 hours. Adding the gems and rhinestones can be tedious but so worth it! It can take two weeks to bring the entire vision to life. I'll typically spend a few days catering to each aspect of the shoot from fashion to set design and crafting props. 

What does makeup mean to you? Makeup is another form of expression. It's an art form that truly has the power to make people feel better on the inside by enhancing their beauty on the outside.

Makeup artist ChrisSoFly, blends nature with beauty and creates a beautiful look inspired by Lenticular Clouds.
ChrisSoFly has his head in the clouds

What's your favourite album? Has it ever influenced a look? Music plays a big part in the art that I create. It evokes emotions that lead me to expressing myself in different ways. My favourite album is BB/ANG3L by Tinashe!

Favourite creators? My favourite creators are musicians – Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande

Favourite film / TV show? Has it ever influenced a look? The Wizard of Oz and White Chicks. They bring me so much joy! In 2020, I created two Halloween looks based on The Wizard of Oz: a fun good witch and a bad witch.

Eyeshadow or lipstick? Just give me a nice lip gloss and I'm good to go!

Kit you can't work without. I can't live without a good setting spray! When it's hot I sweat, so I need to make sure that my makeup isn't going anywhere.

Two Dwarf minke whales

If you could learn an animal's language, what would it be? Either an elephant or a whale. They’re my favourite species. They both seem so smart and loving, I'd adore to be able to communicate with them.

Top tip as a creator? Just be yourself. There are so many people trying to be like someone else but it's the people who are unique who stand out. Set the trends, don't follow them!

What inspired you to recreate lenticular clouds? I love clouds, so I wanted to choose something related. As I began researching, I came across lenticular clouds and was immediately intrigued by their shape.

Lenticular Clouds glowing bright red in the evening
Lenticular clouds glowing in the sunset
01 / 03
Lenticular cloud formation over a beautiful mountain range
Lenticular cloud formation over mountain range
02 / 03
Lenticular cloud levitating in the sky
03 / 03

Did you enjoy working with us – honest?

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you all. Everyone has been so kind 😊


See ChrisSoFly place his head in the clouds and turn out a stunning look.