A natural phenomenon known as a 'green flash' occuring during sunset.




In the second interview of our Makeup Creators series, self-taught artist Madrona Redhawk reveals why she chose to recreate a Green Flash for On the Edge

When did you start experimenting with makeup?

Around age 14. Halfway through my Freshman year of high school I dropped an elective and was put into art class. I started drawing and quickly realised I could put what I draw on my face and I fell head over heels in love with makeup. 

How long do your more intricate looks take to create? 

Four to six hours. I never plan out anything, so it takes longer. I usually listen to music or watch The Simpsons, which helps with the strain. 

What does makeup mean to you?

It’s a means of expression, or a visual of my mental state! Art shouldn’t have to mean anything. It’s dismissed so much because it doesn’t have a tragic backstory! 


What's your favourite album? Has it ever influenced a look? 

My favourite bands are The Smiths/Morrissey, Japan, and The Strokes. Japan had the biggest effect on my makeup (considering they’re the only ones who wore it!) Their Gentlemen Take Polaroids album cover is a huge inspiration! 

Favourite creators? 

One of my favourite makeup creators is my best friend @francelledaly. I also like @erinparsonsmakeup, who makes videos about makeup history and @indiarosecrawford, who makes adorable stop-motion videos of knitted frogs. 

Favourite film? Has it ever influenced a look? 

I am a massive fan of Buster Keaton. He influenced me to wear white face paint and little 1920-style lips. I also take inspiration for my makeup from media I love that has nothing to do with makeup. 

Graeffe's sea cucumber

Eyeshadow or lipstick?

Lipstick, easily! 

Kit you can't work without.

This tiny brush from an eyeliner I get. The bristles are the same length, which makes for small, clean lines. When I’ve forgotten it on a job, I’ve had to go home and get it.  

If you could learn an animal's language, what would it be? 

Sea cucumbers are really cool! There are a zillion types, but their body composition is so different from ours. I would love to understand how they see the world. 

Top tip as a creator?

I dislike how many accounts use references and recreate other people’s work for every single video. Try to come up with your own ideas instead of relying on others. 

Green Flash at sunset

What inspired you to recreate a green flash?

When you asked me to create a look based on a natural phenomenon, I looked up the Green Flash. I grew up in landlocked Las Vegas and Green Flashes are more common over the ocean, so, like all aquatic things, it was mystical to me. I was also interested that pirates saw them but people on land didn’t believe they existed! 

Did you enjoy working with us – honest?

On the Edge is the most organised experience of work I’ve had! I also appreciate what you do. It’s easy to feel humans are separate from nature and that’s not a healthy attitude. 


See how Madrona turns herself into the elusive Green Flash.