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Goliath Frog

Names & Nicknames: The Goliath frog, goliath bullfrog, or the giant slippery frog 

Size: These bulky beefcakes are the largest species of frog, reaching a length of 32cm and weighing as much as a Yorkshire terrier. 

Croaks: The goliath frog is more the silent type, as this frog does not have a vocal sac like many other frogs do. This means it cannot produce that signature croak you often hear on a hot summer night. Instead, perhaps surprisingly for such a big creature, it occasionally lets out a high-pitched whine. 

Favourite Hangout: Frogs will be frogs, and these sizeable amphibians are no different, liking their habitats wet, wet, wet! They can be found in small patches of rainforest in Western Africa near fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls. 

Goliath frog perched on a rock

Favourite Snack: Now adult goliaths really aren't fussy, eating anything from plants and insects to birds and bats! Their tadpoles on the other hand most certainly do have a favourite snack. The only thing they will munch on is one specific species of aquatic plant called Dicraeia warmingii... Delish! 

Love Language: Male goliaths will go to great lengths to prove their love. Building nests out of rocks and gravel on riverbanks, and fighting off any males who might try and challenge it, this frog ensures he locks it down by showing off just how strong he is. Once his work is done, females who can't resist the charm of his riverside condo will mate and lay thousands of eggs in the nest. At this point, the male takes this as his work being done and will hurriedly hop off, leaving the female to guard and care for the eggs, charming! 

If you see them: No that’s not a crocodile staring up at you from the river, just a goliath frog probably wondering if you would fit in its mouth. Don’t be offended if it decides to swim off however, they are very commonly hunted and eaten so it would probably do best to avoid humans! 

Goliath Frog
Goliath frog looking for the right moment to leap

Red flags: Ending up on a skewer over the fire is a red flag to these frogs. An awful fate that unfortunately still happens to these unique amphibians, despite them being protected! 

Glow up: Goliath frogs have a pretty standard froggy life cycle, from egg to tadpole, to an absolute whopper of a frog. What is perhaps surprising is that the tadpoles are the same size as any other frog species, but when they become adults they just keep on growing! As they can live up to 21 years, that’s a lot of frog growth! 

Eating habits: A goliath frog will perch itself on a nice rock by the river as it waits for anything small enough to fit in its mouth to wander by. When an unsuspecting morsel does get too close, it will snap it up with its long tongue and gobble it up using its large eyes to press it down its throat from the inside, talk about multipurpose!  

Goliath frog
Male Goliath frogs are amazing builders

Facts: Despite their size, goliath frogs are impressive jumpers, being able to leap up to 3 metres forward. Not only that, they are also very impressive and rapid swimmers! Their favourite stroke being the froggy paddle of course… 

Who are they in the friendship group: The BFF (Big Friendly Frog) 

How at risk are they: Endangered  


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