On the Edge

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Athel and Edward enjoy visiting the wetlands. Edward likes watching the birds, whilst Athel seems to have a much deeper connection to the landscape. When Athel makes a discovery, she is forced to re-examine what the wetlands mean to her. A meditation on identity, nature and wellington boots. 

Jack Cooper-Stimpson

Director's Note

“Our wetland habitats were not on my radar prior to this project and it has been fascinating researching them and learning more about their quirks and characteristics, alongside their scientific function. Putting that on screen has been a wonderful challenge.

Collaborating with Mark Rylance on this project continues to be a very special experience. Working closely with Mark on the initial drafts of the story helped unlock new textures and themes that have totally transformed the end product.

Now, more than ever, we need stories that will inspire audiences to acknowledge and exist in nature. Not apart from it. On The Edge are a company working at this intersection and I could not have hoped for a better team to have partnered with. I hope this film entertains and inspires audiences, whilst also encouraging them to go and explore their local wetlands.

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