We’re all part of the natural world, but we’ve never been more detached. On the Edge is reconnecting people with the wonder of life on earth to ensure all nature thrives.

Our Media Projects

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Kākāpō Run


Kākāpō Run

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Save the Purple Frog

Save the Purple Frog Trailer

Save the Purple Frog

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Western Ghats on the Edge

Our made-for-social series takes you to India’s richest biodiversity hotspot. We share stories of highly endangered, highly unusual species struggling to survive as their world changes fast.

EDGE Community

Creators on the Edge

#Creatorsontheedge showcases five of the best social content creators — all wildly different except for one thing: they’re into connecting with nature.


Hi, I’m Endangered

Lexi, Eric, and Tegan are flatmates living in London. Along with the usual stuff, they have to cope with being some of the strangest and most endangered species on the planet!

Our Science and Conservation Projects


Conservation Grants

Whether we’re talking lemurs in Madagascar or angel sharks off the coast of Wales, lesser-known species are getting attention through conservation projects we support.


The Attention Tracker

Our ground-breaking tool shows what interests people most — and least — about nature. Wherever they are and through time.

Our Partners

We’re excited to be partnering with some incredible people and organizations who are helping us reconnect with nature.

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International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) SSC, Chair’s Office

Nature in Focus

Bright Tide

Jam 'n Germs

Compostable Kate

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Passion Planet

Project SIARC (Sharks Inspiring Action and Research with Communities)

Ben Gurion University

Gripping Films