Angel Shark Project: Wales

This grant project is led by ZSL and Natural Resources Wales (NRW), along with ten steering group partners across Wales.

The grant project supports ASPW’s plans to develop the community-led evidence-base that is essential to informing angelshark conservation in Wales by focusing on the priority steps identified in the Wales Angelshark Action Plan (WAAP). ASPW has partnered with recreational, commercial and charter fishing communities, scientific experts, museums and schools. The grant project will feature:

  • Collaborative fisher-led angel shark conservation, enabling fishers to provide sighting records and follow fishing best practice to safely release any accidentally caught angelsharks and by promoting stewardship behaviours. For the first time, angelshark seasonal presence in Wales will be investigated using novel environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques.

  • Promotion of angelsharks as the flagship species for Wales' underwater marine environment through engaging with coastal communities via event attendance, exhibit displays in local maritime museums and media coverage.

  • Introducing angelshark into local school curricula via the ‘Angels of Wales’ eBook and school activities toinspire the next generation to protect the species and educate about the Welsh marine environment.

  • A summary publication of ASPW results encouraging delivery of the priority actions set out in WAAP.

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