GERP: Saving the aye-aye from the brink of extinction

This grant project aims to protect the aye-aye in Madagascar, by empowering local community leaders to protect forests and by reducing threats to the species from forest degradation and human persecution.

This project will build on GERP’s (Groupe d'étude et de recherche sur les primates) success to date and will include aye-aye conservation and threat reduction in two key forest habitats: the Manombo forest and Maromizaha Protected Area. The project will include:

  • Community members working as forest patrollers and applying their SMART training for improved monitoring and reporting.

  • Community members planting fruit trees to increase food sources for the aye-aye.

  • Community members being trained in the production of fuel-efficient Kamado cooking stoves in order to reduce reliance on harvesting wood for fuel, which affects aye-aye habitats.

  • GERP leading the annual World Lemur Festival to increase awareness about the aye-aye and leading environmental education in schools at both sites.

  • Capacity-building training for GERP’s team to increase awareness of and change local attitudes towards the aye-aye in both sites.

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