ReRooted Musician


From South West London, Kam-BU’s musical style inherently nods at UK Rap, continually pushing boundaries and championing his roots. He draws influence from his innate British upbringing and UK sound system culture. In 2021 he released critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Black on Black’ and in 2024 is preparing the roll-out of his latest project, ‘Built 2 Last’.

We always did active things like bike rides. It’s definitely been a part of me growing up but I don’t think I appreciated it until later on in life. I’m glad I had that instilled in me because it just made it easier for me to go. I’ve never felt like I’ve had a barrier to the outdoors, even though that’s the case for a lot of people who live in the same city as me.


On how his connection with nature began in his childhood.

It’s been really cool just to see how people act and behave and react to the nature around them. Even just teaching them about different trees, like it’s so simple, you know, they all have like phones at their fingertips and just showing them the wonderful apps that they can download. Just making it fun for them, I think is a great entry point, because there’s also a fine line of not trying to make them feel like it’s all on them because, climate ecoanxiety is a big thing as well. We can’t just be like, it’s on you guys. I think it’s just bridging the gap and make it a safe place for them to be.


On how he helps bring people into nature through his initiative Off Grid.

Kam-BU is an outspoken advocate for sustainability and community based initiatives, particularly through his own organisation Off Grid, educating young people about nature and its conservation.