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​​OMA are globally known and renowned across Instagram, for their crisp and quality Hip-Hop covers. The quartet is made up of Chris Larcombe on Guitar, Sam Heeley on drums, James Harper on Bass, and Corben Lamb across keys, production and mixing.

I think first people need to realise just how much we need nature. You know, people need to like fully recognize that fact and acknowledge that. And I think that's kind of the first step to making sure we look after what we have, especially in the UK, we do have it amazing here. Like the landscape, the greenery.

Chris from OMA

On why everybody should respect and protect nature.

I notice myself when I'm in Manchester for a long period of time, especially making music like you just get, you get kind of clouded as to what you feel like you need to do and what you're making. And it all kind of gets a bit jumbled up. And then I head home to Bath, or take a weekend and just like, you know, decompress a bit and just having the spaces, and the sun, and water. I just, I feel like it helps you think clearly. And then I can come back to Manchester and be like, Right, we need to do this and this need to get this done. You know, it's like, yeah, like, enhances your vision, I think.

Corben from OMA

On why taking a break from city life inspires the bands creativity

Since forming the band at university, they've worked as Isaiah Rashad’s European tour band and collaborated with the likes of Bun B, Harry Mack, Shing02. Having just returned from Japan, the band are looking forward to continuing and expanding their various content formats, playing shows around Europe, and writing and recording original music.


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